A Powerful Approach To I/O

XNIO is a simplified low-level I/O layer which can be used anywhere you are using NIO today. It frees you from the hassle of dealing with Selectors and the lack of NIO support for multicast sockets and non-socket I/O, while still maintaining all the capabilities present in NIO, and it opens the door to non-obvious optimizations.

XNIO provides a unique API for combining blocking and non-blocking operations, even on the same channel, allowing you to take advantage of the simplicity and low latency of blocking I/O while still gaining the thread-conservative and throughput benefits of non-blocking I/O.

XNIO also introduces a powerful callback-based interface which can greatly simplify traditional state machine-based non-blocking applications, as well as allowing you to hit the perfect balance between throughput and latency for your application.

I've updated the site to reflect changes in the project in the 3.x line, including updated documentation and updated download information.

Thanks for using XNIO!

by dmlloyd at Fri Jul 13 18:16:57 EDT 2012